whydouwantaname asked: I hope that you will draw a Sabriel picture one day. Just one. A little one... Let this girl dream! ^^;

Sabriel!!I like it,too!:)

I’ve never drawn….     Let’s draw!!!___φ(^▽^*)♪♪

zaphura asked: I love your art (especially destiel)! ♥ ♥ ♥ do you have a deviantart account? or is all your art on your tumblr?

I do not have a deviantart account. Art of Destiel is present in almost Tumblr.

I have an account on Pixiv.

towardthegrace asked: ああ!久しぶり!xxxtmnsさんは次のコミケにも行く?まえのコミケにはあなたでDeanCasコミックを買いました。本当にキレイなDeanCasコミックをありがとうございますっw〜!




匿名 asked: How old are you, may I ask? I love your drawings :3

Secret… hehehe